Our approach

We’re a body-inclusive studio offering 121 sessions, personalised Pilates programmes and small group reformer workouts.

Start your movement journey with us

Whether you’re looking to regain confidence, are recovering from injury or want to advance your Pilates practice, we want you to feel welcome, supported and free to be yourself.

No matter which movement programme you choose you’ll benefit from creative and thoughtful movement sessions delivered by expert teachers.  Work with us to feel strong, stand tall and move with ease.

Rebecca Trowbridge – Founder

Rebecca is a therapeutic Pilates teacher who specialises in helping people rebuild trust in their bodies and themselves through movement. Clients appreciate her calm, insightful teaching style.

Pilates was the key to helping her find physical, mental and emotional strength in midlife – and it also inspired a new career.

Since then she’s helped hundreds of people to discover the transformative power of a regular movement practice.

In 2020 she created the (online) Daily Pilates Movement Challenge for Breast Cancer UK.  Over three years more than 2500 people signed up to take part, raising close to £10,000 for breast cancer prevention.

She has a Comprehensive Teaching qualification from Balanced Body with additional training in lower back pain, exercise after joint replacement, diastasis recti recovery and fascia-focused movement.

Rebecca Towbridge Restore Pilates founder
Helen Forest Hill Pilates Studio teacher

Helen Vassar – Associate

Helen has been practicing Pilates since 2013 after suffering for years with chronic backpain. She knows the realities of working a stressful desk job and how hard it can be to fit in exercise around a busy schedule, especially when you are exhausted. 

However she firmly believes that regular movement is one of the most important things you can do to feel better.  She is now free from back pain through her regular Pilates practice

Following her own journey of discovery, Helen became passionate about Pilates, and in 2019, she trained with Polestar Pilates UK.  She is now a certified Comprehensive Pilates Practitioner.  

Helen teaches personalised equipment sessions on Wednesday evenings.


Work with us

We’re looking for Comprehensive teachers – or teachers working towards their comprehensive qualification – to offer sessions at the studio.

The studio is a good fit for people who thrive on delivering personalised sessions and a high level of client care.

Shifts will start at a minimum of two hours with potential to increase as the new studio grows.

If you’d like to find out more please do complete the enquiry form on this page and I’ll be in touch.

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